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Italian rubbish crisis

  The southern Campania region – home to the luxurious Amalfi Coast but also the slums of Naples – has been plagued by garbage crises in recent years. Quite recently it has called for international attention.
   Campania’s rubbish crisis has a sinister side due to the involvement of the Neapolitan Mafia, known as the Camorra.Trash disposal is one of the Camorra’s most lucrative businesses and the organisation has created hundreds of illegal dumps in the region where it often buries or burns dangerous refuse.
   Please, have a look at the
blog update where we have described the problem in detail. We encourage you to comment on the issue. eTwinning students are planning to add video commentaries soon.


Our trip to a recycling plant

On 20 November 2007 a group of eTwinning students from the school in Jaslo, Poland together with their teachers participated in a trip to a recycling plant in Krosno, Poland. The recycling plant has been operating in the region since 2002, and its creation was partially financed from EU funds. The plant uses modern methods of rubbish segregation and utilization, which are in accordance with strict EU regulations concerning this issue. 
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Workshops in Castellanza,
22-26 October 2007

From 22 to 26 October a group of Polish students together with the headmaster and eTwinning coordinator participated in eTwinnig workshops organized by their Italian partners in Castellanza. Studens worked on current project issues, i.e. recycling, rubbish collection and segregation. more >>
Castellanza Workshops Gallery >>


Recycling - Poster Contest

After a very successful contest for the best poster about energy saving, eTwinning students participated actively in another poster contest. This time the topics are recycling and environmental pollution. Again, students' invention and originality gave birth to many outstanding posters.
Our Posters >>

Energy saving - poster contest

eTwinning students participated in the contest for the best poster demonstrating the idea of saving electricity in our everyday life. All in all 27 posters were created and participants in both schools voted for the best one!
Our Posters >>
The Jury and  the Poster Show >>

Energy Saving Day

Our eTwinning project “ Be green, don’t be mean “ has the main goal of raising environmental awareness among high school students and involves two high schools, one in Jaslo, Poland and one in Castellanza, Italy.
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How we use electricity in our homes?

eTwinning students in both participating schools  were asked to fill out a questionnaire, whose results gave a general idea of how they use electricity in thier everyday life. We try to be green, but now we have to draw some conlusions what to do to be even greener! The Power Point questionnaire, which can be downloaded, presents both the questions and the results.
Power Point presentation >>


What next?


We have uploaded videos to Youtube. Want to see how students worked or a nice PHOTOSTORY? CLICK FOR VIDEO


Did you know that you can download our eTwinning "green" desktop backrounds to your computer such as the one presented below? Look for them in our download sections.


Marry Christmas to all eTwinning fans!


Workshps in Castellanza gave us a lot of fresh ideas what to do next. We want ot investigate the problem of waste disposal and recycling further. We also want to prepare well for another workshops in Jasło, where we will continue our collaborative work.


Soon we would like to deal with the problem of rubbish disposal in our countries.

We would like to find ways allowing us to limit the amount of rubbish we produce in our homes and dispose household waste in an environmentally friendly way.

We are also planning to organise student exchange in the next school year in order to meet our partners and gather some materials for our research during trips that we want to organise.
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